During the twenty years of his artistic career in Poland, Ryszard created countless sculptures—small, topical, outdoor, funerary; he made tombstones, monuments, portraits, and medals.

His creation has met with critics’ appreciation right from the start. After his first individual sculpture show in 1966 Ignacy Witz wrote, “Ryszard Wojciechowski, currently exhibiting at the Sculpture Gallery, is the kind of artist who enters high art boldly and immediately, without hesitation or exhausting research. In his works a mobile imagination matches technical prowess; the idea is realized freely, formally and as a process of discovery. Wojciechowski is the most interesting phenomenon among young Polish sculptors.”

After another exhibit of his, in 1981, in the Kordegarda Gallery, they wrote, “This exhibit should be sent out to travel the whole world, showcasing the high calibre of our sculpture. The works attest to the highest levels of artistic culture, exuberant invention full of humanist content. The exhibit is steeped in poetry and beauty.” [Henryk Tomaszewski, artist]

Some phrases would return consistently in the comments of contemporary critics—“extraordinary creative personality,” “surprising wealth of ideas,” “great courage to innovate…”

Ryszard Wojciechwski’s creation left a profound imprint on Polish sculpture, invigorating and changing the artistic landscape forever.

Of everything he created during his Polish Period, outdoor sculpture deserves particular attention. These compositions, executed in stone, highlight his creative genius in a most convincing manner.

The sculpture, titled "Before Sun Was Rising" is one of the most meaningful and expressive artworks of the Artist.

It is located in The Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum in Oswiecim, Poland.

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