Sculpture was the most important bearer of Richard’s message, a form of art in which his extraordinary individuality and personality found the most complete expression.

In his hands—the hands of a sculptor who was born a sculptor before he was educated as one—all matter would become subject to his creative will, would become a work of art, a masterpiece.

He experimented with many kinds of material in his work, from the typically sculptural to absolutely unusual.

The photograph shows the artist in his studio in 1972, a few months after moving in. The sculpture visible just behind him, The Rays of Time, was the first project he completed in the new studio. He had worked in different environments before, some of them extremely primitive—and yet, he had been collecting awards for his work ever since 1966.

His creative career can be divided into three periods, each of which is presented here in brief.
W pracowni
Ryszard Wojciechowski in his studio - Warszawa, UL. Mostowa