Biography - by Anna Jung – Wojciechowska, sculptor MFA
Ryszard Wojciechowski was born the first of seven children in a farmer's family in Slawin near Lublin on January 3rd, 1939.

He had exhibited manual and artistic talents ever since his early childhood and they were duly noted by one of his elementary school teachers. With the teacher’s encouragement Ryszard’s parents decided to send him to an art school in Lublin. Having graduated from the school in 1958, Ryszard quickly aced his entrance exams to the Department of Sculpture, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. read more»

He has his own unique style which represented a specific yet harmonious combination of abstract and realism. His final touches has always been well mastered and his approach to the theme very original. read more»

Artist Speaks
Ryszard took his talent very seriously. He knew very well how gifted he was and he considered creative work his duty, sometimes a very difficult duty. He would say, “talent was granted and we have to live up to it.” read more»