His Motto:

“THE HUMAN BEING…a complex beauty a Great Nature defined by a corporeal shape, the inner self enriched by the profundity of its rebirth. In HIM, the vibrancy of spring, the scent of flowers, the gold of the sun, love and birth – suffering, pain, tears, fear and heroism are mirrored. In HIM time carves deep furrows. Expressing the HUMAN BEING is the essence of my art.”

”Talent was granted and we have to live up to it”

Ryszard Wojciechowski's Poetry

Autumn of Nature, Life

A leaf has fallen on the breathing earth—
brimming with sunlight, luscious green last night —
This is how summer, entering grey dusk,
Sends one last kiss, flames of fire-trees.

Heavy eyelids and grey let a heaven’s drop fall
On the earth’s lips, parched with cinders of yore—
This is how summer, entering grey dusk,
Sends one last kiss adorned with the blue.

A small feather fell, host of gentle winds’ breath,
On the earth lulled to sleep by the scent of aged bloom—
This is how summer, having sent one last kiss,
Turned into the past like a flight of sad cranes.

Autumn has come, with three drops touched my heart,
With your absence it brought on a yellow leaf’s tray…
Then it went away, late November rains wept,
Left the leaf in my heart and a plaintive note.


On and on I carve you out of emotion’s precious stone
With a touch of my heart whose gesture unflawed
Masterfully moulds the form of the everlasting
And into the shadow of oblivion casts all excess.

And you shall remain, in the shape of a virgin nude,
In the harp of spring, warmth of summer, autumn’s palette, a wintry spark,
Entwined in the arms of time when it asks you to climb
The ancient chariot veiled with the patina of stars.

The eye of the world will tenderly seek you out
In the starry abyss of the skies when the day is gone,
Until one summer night you, wondrous fern, blossom forth
To feed the eyes’ pupils in time, ere again you rise, a bud among the stars.