Ryszard created about eighty sculptural works during his three-year stay In Italy, most of them small “chamber” pieces. The first, as if in continuation of the Polish Period, was executed in alabaster (The Hour of Temptation); then the artist moved on to mixed media techniques.

In Italy he worked also as a restorer of old paintings and antique furniture—this provided him with a small but steady income and… with more material for his own creations. These were old, discarded pieces of furniture, which he would incorporate into his sculptures and which lent his work a unique character.

In 1998 he won the competition for a commemorative medal on the 50th anniversary of the Polish Section of the Vatican Radio.

He painted a lot during that time; his works included murals and wall mosaics. His thorough acquaintance with the techniques of architectural painting, acquired during his studies at the Academy, allowed him to expand the range of his artistic vision.

An individual retrospective of his Italian Period was held in 1989 in the Rodolfina Schaller Gallery in Rome.



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