Sculpture, Painting, Mural Techniques, Monument Conservation

Degrees, Licenses, Awards
1964 Master of Visual Arts, Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Sculpture and Mural Painting, Warsaw, Poland
1975 Award of the Minister of Culture and Fine Arts for Outstanding Artistic Achievements and Contribution to the Polish Culture
1977 Contemporary Art Expert License awarded by the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, Warsaw, Poland

Academic Career
1966-1987 Assistant Professor, Professor and Dean of Student Affairs, Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, Poland

1992 Art in Public Places Competition, North Vancouver, BC – First Prize and Commission
1991 Steveston Fishermen’s Memorial Competition, Richmond, BC – Qualification to Second Stage
1990 Maternity Ward Mural Competition, St. Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver, BC – Participation
1989 50th Anniversary of the Radio Vaticana, International Medal Competition, Rome, Italy- First Prize and Commission
1983 50th Anniversary of Polish Circus, Restricted Medal Competition, Warsaw, Poland – First Prize
1983 Jesus Christ in Human Life, Open Competition, Poland – Third Prize and two Distinctions
1982 Monte Casino Memorial Medal, Restricted Competition, First Prize
1974 Fine Arts Festival, Warsaw, Poland – First Prize
1972 Nicolas Copernicus Memorial Medal, Open Competition, Poland – Distinction
1971 Nicolas Copernicus Monument, Open Competition, Poland – Distinction
1972 Fine Arts Festival, Warsaw, Poland – First Prize
1970 Sacral Sculpture Competition, Open Competition, Poland, Second Prize and two Distinctions
1969 Plein-Air Exhibition and Sculpture, Bytom, Poland – Second Prize
1969 Anti-War Exhibition, Majdanek, Poland – First Prize
1969 Man and Work, Open Competition, Poland – Second Prize
1968 Young Sculptor’s Exhibition, Poland – Distinction
1968 Fine Arts Festival, Warsaw, Poland – First Prize
1967 Man and Work, Open Competition, Poland - Distinction
1966 Fine Arts Festival, Warsaw, Poland – Third Prize

Individual Exhibitions
1992 Unveiling of the North Shore Rhapsody commissioned by the North Shore Arts Commission, North Vancouver, BC
1992 Exhibitions of Sculpture and Medals, Artist’s Studio, North Vancouver, BC
1989 Exhibition of Sculpture, Paintings and Medals, R.Schaller Gallery, Rome, Italy
1981 Exhibition of Sculpture, Medals, Engravings and Drawings, Kordegarda Gallery, Warsaw. Poland
1980 Exhibition of Sculpture and Medals, L.K. Gallery, Varrelbush, Germany
1979 Exhibition of Sculpture and Medal Engravings, Kuopio, Finland
1975 Gallery of 33 Million – A Television Retrospective, Poland
1966 Exhibition of Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture, Marchlewski Street Gallery of Sculpture, Warsaw, Poland
1964 Exhibition of Paintings, University Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

Group Exhibitions (Selection)
1993 Exhibition at Silk Purse Gallery, West Vancouver, BC
1993 The North Shore Spring Juried Exhibition, North Vancouver, BC
1986 Plein-Air Exhibition, Avallon, France
1986 Exhibition at L.K. Gallery, Varrelbush, Germany
1975 Polish Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hamburg, Hanover, Germany
1974 Contemporary Polish Medal Engraving Exhibition, Archeological Museum, Milan, Italy
1973 Dante’s Memorial – International Medal Engraving Biennale, Chiostro di Dante, Ravenna, Italy
1973 International Modern Art Exhibition, Tokuma Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
1973 Baltic Countries International Biennale of Art Kunsthalle, Rostock, Germany
1971 50 Years of Medal Engraving in Poland, State Mint Museum, Paris, France
1970 Young Polish Artists Exhibition, Haus am Kelinspark, Berlin, Germany
1969 4th International Youth Biennale, Musee D’/Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, France
1968 International Medal Engraving Competition, Arezzo, Montecatini, Turin, Italy
1965 International Exhibition of Ceramic Art, The Hague, Netherlands

1992 North Shore Rhapsody and the Trumpet commissioned by the City of North Vancouver and the North Shore Arts Commission for Rogers Plaza (First Prize in the Art in Public Places Competition)
1964-86 Mother of Nature (Marble), Avallon, France
With a Rose from Life (Marble), Creative Work Centre, Oronsko, Poland
Shepherd (Marble), Germany
Oath of Love (Marble), Kielce, Poland
Gesture of Nature (Marble), Walbrzych, Poland
Shmuel Tencer’s Tombstone, Jewish Cemetery, Warsaw, Poland
Majesty of the Universe (Marble), Warsaw, Poland
K. Illakowiczowna’s Tombstone (Marble), Powazki Cemetery, Warsaw, Poland
Mother Earth (Marble), Warsaw, Poland
Before the Sun Arose, Auschwitz, Poland

Works in Collections
Dante’s Museum, Ravenna, Italy
Tokuma Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
L.K. Gallery, Varrelbusch, Germany
National Museum, Warsaw, Poland
National Museum, Poznan, Poland
Polish Army Museum, Warsaw, Poland
State Mint Museum, Warsaw, Poland
Medal Engraving Art Museum, Wroclaw, Poland
Contemporary Art Gallery, Lodz, Poland
Nicolas Copernicus Museum, Frombork, Poland

Works in Private Collections
Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Israel, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland, Uganda, the United States of America, the Vatican City.

W pracowni
North Shore Rhapsody project model - North Vancouver, 1992